Deuces Wild Poker: development of the game


The parameterization of the machine This game is a game of draw poker that requires some “calibration”. Next to the control panel you will have to assign a value to each wagered chip: 25 cents [...]

Poker password freeroll :7-13 January 2013


  Today, we at pokerbandits, we want to share with you the password to be used in the freeroll in the second week of January 2013, belonging to the source cited at end of article. [...]

Rules of Deuces Wild Poker


Poker rules Deuces Wild Poker is a video poker game created by William Hill. The owner of the homonymous casino wanted to give a personal touch by changing the rules of poker conventional and inserting [...]

2000 euro prize pool of the charts Glaming MTT Poker!


For several days, namely, from January 1, 2013, there are new monthly rankings of Glaming MTT poker, as you can see in the picture above. The new league, put up for grabs prize pool of [...]

Rules of Videopoker “Jacks Or Better”


The machine distributes five cards to the player sitting in front. The player evaluates his hand, calculates the odds and choose which cards to discard and replace themselves, however, if you wish, the player is [...]

Developing Poker Skill in Online Casinos

Developing Poker Skill in Online Casinos

Gamers who have honed their skills and look for challenges when they play appreciate games that are based on more than just luck. This makes poker such a unique game compared to other methods of [...]

Rules of Pai Gow Poker


It is a variant excellent for drilling and used to the different combinations. Pai Gow Poker is a poker game that uses a deck of 53 cards (52 plus one joker) and a nut. The [...]

The Micros: New episodes of the cartoon about POKER!


After a long hiatus, the back episodes of The Micros, cartoon ironic, poker online, you can see on Youtube. In the series, are told the story of three characters :: Chase “Swede Tooth” Berger (the [...]

The development of a game in Red Dog Poker


It all begins with the initial bet, each player must achieve. This episode also called ante, followed by the distribution of cards to all players. Each player is dealt, first, a two-card hand. Everyone will [...]

Rules of Red Dog Poker


The Red Dog Poker is the easiest variant of poker. To assimilate the game, we will start with seeing what is. We will explain what are the main rules of this game and how it [...]

Germany: Via the online game!


The state of Schleswig Holstein has granted the first licenses to legalize online gambling in Germany, online game which includes not only the casino but also the poker! Currently, there are 12 major companies that [...]

A game of Omaha Poker


Game development Before starting the game, it is always necessary to appoint a dealer, so that in turn all participants have played this role at the end of the game. Once you have chosen the [...]

Rules of Omaha Poker


Poker rules To properly understand the game and can play safely, we will see in this first part of the general principles on which is based the Omaha Poker. For this you will need to [...]

Poker Password Freeroll: From 26 to 31 December 2012!

Poker Password Freeroll: From 26 to 31 December 2012!

Christmas has arrived, and what better way to celebrate that play Freerolls, especially if you’re poker players and fans of this type of game! Today is the day before, missing a half day at Christmas, [...]

Tatiana: The newest member of Team PokerStars Online!


The player Poker PRO, Russian, Tatiana Barausova, known as Mysters Y, is the new purchase made by the famous team PokerStars Online, thanks to its good results in the micro stakes. Note to the results [...]

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