During the games of poker can happen to make mistakes but some other light that can be fatal to your situation in the game. Today we talk about 5 mistakes that must be avoided.

The first is that the dishes too crowded or when we face many opponents and we less likely than others to take the whole pot is best to check. The second mistake is to continue the bet when we are faced with an overly aggressive opponent who continues a series of point to point, when a situation like this happens give up on departure.

The third mistake is committed very often when we find appetizing flop or if one card is missing to achieve a great victory and scare opponents rather than use a misleading approach, the advice is to wait until the paper comes out that we need before we act .

When the flop, add a couple who become aggressive on the table could be no doubt that nell’avversario to do if you’re bluffing or serious. To make a similar tactic make sure you have a trump card or handle it because if your opponent does not believe in your bluff will be a serious problem.

The last piece of advice to avoid errors is to open a flop too, when the cards on the table are presented with multiple combination is very likely that your opponent gets a good point and is able to proceed with the match in his favor . So if even you will not find yourself in a situation like this is better left alone.