During the poker game must be careful to follow the many details and several tips which we have spoken but one of the most important things you should not be underestimated is the thought. Can betray you, but can also be useful in certain situations risolve.
First, during the game we need to analyze their cards and think about whether you can make a straight or a winning hand, but before you do this you need to analyze the situation and verify that all players seated at the table to pass the hand otherwise there may be a risk of losing the first hand.

Even the smallest decision can be fatal for your condition, even if you take a long time before you play your hand you think carefully about what might be the next opponent’s move and the other after your game, even if you have a poor hand don’t discouraged because there might be a player who is worse off than yours, there are times that one can overestimate but other times you need to pass his hand and accept the withdrawal without being damaged. Nobody can read your thoughts but the gestures of the hands, eyes and other body movements could betray you like thinking too fast , calmly reasoned thinking before you act because it could save well from a defeat.