On 29 December, the group purchased the Congetech SNAI SpA for a value of about 140 million euros. Snai not only continue to deal with sports betting, but intends to target the management of online games such as poker.

We report the following official statements:

Fabio Schiavolin, CEO Cogetech SpA ”After several months of negotiation, we finally, ourcompany has become part of the group Snai. With the integration in this group we are ableto combine capabilities, resources and technologies”

Schavolin adds ”By integrating with the company of the Group Cogetech we can both give their best in new strategies, providing users with better technology and of course online gaming”

How do you mean a wedding with ribbons and bows against! And what do you think of this merger? One thing is certain, this will certainly help both the group SNAI that now can handle the game like online poker in Cogetech Spa has earned a lot of money that are notpeanuts, we’re talking about 140 million euros.