A year ago, we told you about an event happened at EPT Berlin where 4 armed men enter the Grand Hyatt Hotel in minutes and stole a sum of 242,000 euros in prize money for the final
After police investigations, it was discovered that those responsible were to IbrahimMoussa and Mohammed About Charkia. The latter was present as a player at thetournament, so he could communicate with his band to provide further details on strike. A few hours ago, we received the news that Ibrahim Moussa has agreed to the sentencewhich provides for 6 years and 4 months imprisonment. It was also returned part of his booty, which amounts to 22,000 euros.

Of the remaining 220,000 euros unfortunately have not heard, the robbers were aged between 19 and 21 years, and each was sentenced to prison time indicated. As you cansee the schedule and assign an individual to condemn the sentence is long, we’re talking about 1 year! 6 years and 4 months will be enough to regret the robbers?