On the popular 2 +2 forums, it became a post that informs users that the Asian playerRandy Lew plans to establish a new record in January 2012, records that will enter theGuinness World famous Record.Randy nanonoko aka Lew, a member of PokerStars andAPPT winner of Macao, said it would set a new record to accompany those alreadyreached by the famous poker rooms. Years ago, PokerStars had set a record for having created an event which was attended by the largest number of players.

In December of this year, PokerStars has not only confirmed the record but alsoexceeded, by organizing an event attended by 200,000 players from all over the world. The record that will nanonoko intends to establish in January 2012 on the occasion of theanniversary of decismo SundayMillion to be attended by many members of the Forum 2+2, which have received in recent days by ticket worth $ 215.

A very interesting event, the player will be able to make happy PokerStars Asia with a new record? What are the details of this record? We just have to wait to find out