After the strategy that we have proposed today, we want to talk about the regulation of theItalian poker. Made in Italy poker playing cards on the table, so it’s completely different from the original game.

Players playing for up to 4 cards with Anglo-French for a total of 32 from the deck by removing the 2,3,4,5 and 6. Before you start the game the players know their draw forseats at the table. Never underestimate the choice of the place because it could affect your game.

Why do we say this? Simple, because they sit next to someone who has a hand weaker or stronger could make a difference. Apparently it is not the only agreement that players take, for, before you start playing you have to agree even on the bids and proposals.

Normally you play with the chips instead of money. Players can buy only one other timehave been exhausted those delivered early in the game.

In the Italian poker, the raises are limited, the system that is adopted is as follows:

a raise shall not exceed the sum of the pot at that moment, so if there are 20 € in the pot,the player can bet that raises up to 20 €. Obviously, the next player must wager 40 € to play so and so.