The strategy we want to talk about today is “Change your style of play.” To confuse the opponents could be very useful to have a landslide victory, or at least assured.

Everyone has their own strategy and its method of play and this will not rain, but if the player uses the same style to every meeting, his movements as well as his choicesbecome taken for granted and why the opponents are more likely to perceive the next move and counter.

The greatest advice we can give is to change your strategy if you used the same time to say STOP. Learn other strategies, designed and put in place. If a game started with the classic strategy and then decide to exchange it for a second that you have learned the knowledge of the opponents, you’ll notice a marked improvement since your opponentswill be disoriented.

Not knowing the new tactics and new style of play, they will not know how to behave, how to say ”Be smart that you’re already dumb”