Look at the opponents’ cards online is complicated but not impossible! A German playercould through a special software to discover all the cards of his opponents and implementthe saying “You like to win easy?”

The well-known player, or rather the trickster with this technique is able to pocket a figure of $ 340 000, the latest scam that cost him dearly as he was caught as they say took place at the Austrian hotel Baden, where he was doing the ’European Championships of Poker.

When players have noticed the scam, they went in the room of the crook who initiallydenied everything, but before the police after he was forced to sing. The player can neverenter a casino, he was seized the laptop and mobile phones, fined and threatened withjail.

His bravado cost him dearly! Remember those who cheat or who are live on the netsooner or later, are exposed and when it happens they suffer!