Poker Generation Trailer

It ‘s official, March 2, 2012 is the date that will arrive in cinemas in the new movie basedon the Poker Poker Generation is made ​​by the director in collaboration with TitianKnight Devils and BetPro.


Durrrr about Full Tilt scandal

The famous poker player Durrr was interviewed about the scandal that has hit full tilt at this time, particularly with regard to Black Friday.


Enrique Iglesias and a Poker in the last video !

Enrique Iglesias in his latest music video has created a mix between the world of Poker and that of the video is dedicated to his…


Video documentary on John Racener !

John Racener made a video documentary that tells the life, adventures in the world of poker at the gaming tables, above all, the last Main…


Video Interview with Philip Candio !

Italian Poker Club spoke to the young champion of poker, Phil Candio ahead of the final table of the 2010 World Series of Poker tournament.


2010 WSOP: Main Event Final Table!

During the day today we want to show a video where you can watch the race of Philip Candio the final table of WSOP 2010…


<!–:en–>WSOP 2010 Main Event E22 Day 6 1/3 World Series of Poker 2010 <!–:–><!–:it–>WSOP 2010 Main Event E22 Day 6 1/3 World Series of Poker 2010 <!–:–>

After having been updated on the situation of the various tournaments that are currently competing in the world, we want to return to show the…

<!–:en–>Big Ben by T.P.A UK<!–:–>

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<!–:en–>Stuck in a Game Called Texas Holdem Holdem – A song telling about the bad sides of the game<!–:–><!–:it–>Stuck in a Game Called Texas Holdem Holdem – Una canzone che racconta dei lati poco piacevoli del gioco<!–:–>

You know, Texas Hold Em, as we said in this article, is one of the most popular poker variations. But, the game isn’t always funny,…

Poker Star Wars: The parody of Star Wars in the world of Poker !

If you are a fan of Star Wars and Texas Hold’em Poker, we’re pleased to present a very funny parody created by Jimmy Legs John…

Winning a Sit and Go in six minutes !

How many times have you found in front of a random Sit’nGo where the CPU was not aligned with each other that go hand? During…

Wsop 2010 Day 7

Summary produced by Alan Tonetti seventh day of the WSOP 2010 that was held last month, the video is completely in Italian.

World Cup Of Poker 2010 : Final Hand Poker

In the video that we propose today is shown for the final game of this WCOP 2010, as the title game ends with a winning…

sick slowroll world cup of Poker 2010 !

Today we offer a video of one of the most important games for the World Cup of Poker 2010 this, the table will address some…

Celebrity World Poker Tournament 2010

TV Guide hits the Celebrity World Poker Tournament 2010 to chat with celebs Kevin McKidd, Teri Hatcher, Jerry Ferrara, Shannon Elizabeth and Jennifer Tilly.

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