Knowing your opponent in poker, or be able to guess more or less the kind of cards you can have in your hand is very important. From here, try to understand his style of play. This can help you overcome it.
The passive poker player
Do not tip ever. When you think your game is enough, then pay. When his game is not enough, he retires. To win: Manage the size of the pot depending on your hand. If you follow it to the end, no doubt you will have the best hand.
The solid poker player
Regardless of whether you play a few hands (tight player) or loose (rather loose player), he knows the value of his cards. Initially, a player is to be avoided. If at a later time you think you’ve uncovered some Tell (clues) of this player, then it’s time to go on the attack. His actions are always rational and therefore predictable. Stimulates its strategy to embarrass.
The poker enthusiast
Always willing to make a face at the table first of all to put on a show and play his money. That win or lose, no bounds: he will offer to gamble away his shirt. There is no need to have a very good game to meet its continuous aggression: a decent hand will suffice. Make him believe that you’re passionate about.
The tyrant of poker
This player will play with your nerves. Raise all the bets and want to win them all. It is believed unbeatable. Show him that he’s wrong. Wait until you have a decent hand and takes action. Win a few pots, but great.