How many times have you wondered why people say that it is easy to win microstakes? The answer is very simple, many players play just for fun committing so fatal errors.

Today we want to give you tips on how to play and win at microstakes

  • Once registered, you will receive a welcome bonus, do yield by investing without making deposits
  • Playing in only one table at a time when you became professionals then you can expect to play 2 or more tables at the same time
  • Do not sit at a table with players who love to play with 100x
  • If you notice that your table there are many regs, get up and move the table, pulls a bad air!
  • Impostatevi a limit in the sessions and try to respect
  • If you choose to play poker rush, basated to the tune of Full Tilt
  • If you play on Full Tilt, precisely Happy Hour event, remember that the percentage is greater regs
  • Make a note of all the opposition and range all possible situations, whatever moves or breathes, deserves to be noted
  • Isolate limpers if you have a decent hand
  • Go back to a lower range if you do not feel at ease
  • At the base of these tips is to write everything down, if a fly flies on your cards, jot it down, if someone sneezes, jot it down! Of course we’re kidding but it is a bit like another to say that each factor is important, and may help you understand the game of your opponents or the performance of the game.

With a good collection of notes will go a long way, and you can both learn from your mistakes than from those of the other players. Even a professional, sometimes needs to clipboard. Imagine being able to count on the clipboard, or have nothing on which to rely