In the game of poker if you are a beginner must be careful, as any strategy advice is to learn how to implement it well and when in doubt or danger. The strategy I want to discuss today are the hands at risk.

Let’s start by saying that the hand Ace-Jack is not strong, not even a good hand, and many tend to be deceived by this only for the presence of the ace.

Re-Ten is the ultimate rip-off, playing I send you this opportunity to have the second highest hand, there are many risks by playing this hand unless you play with a straight T, J, Q, K, A.

King-Jack is less dangerous than the one quoted on but we must not underestimate the risk is smaller but still could lead to problems.

Jack is the second pair of hands that is often played in poker, do not abuse this hand because you may regret.

And finally we have an ace and a good hand but do not often played, in case you did not let it trump otherwise avoid it.