The Table Selection is crucial
Make a good table selection is one of the key to maximizing your winnings at the game of poker. Today we will try to explain to all the players, who know nothing about table selection, what are the tables to avoid and which are not.

Obviously if you want to earn money, you have to play against opponents who are not as good as ourselves. So if the players at the table are more experienced and better than those sitting at the table B, it is always advisable to take a seat at the table B. But as we know, a priori, if the table is full of bad players? The question does not have a definitive answer, but there are some rules to avoid many problems.

Usually, the casinos do not have the opportunity to table selection, but in online poker things change because the information that you can use to our advantage, to increase their winnings, are varied. We speak mainly of the table summarizing the cash game tables. Here are a couple of basic data table, and a tip:

Average Pot

The average size of the pot immediately gives an indication of how “strong” the action at the table. The higher the value, the greater the amount of money that you could win with a good hand, then a good player should choose tables with high Average Pot.

Players Pre Flop

The average number of players making the action preflop. If the average is high, it means that players entering the hand using a very wide range of hands, then play, most likely, with the “trash.” On the other hand, if the value is low, it means that the players are tight and that come in hand with a good starting hand. From this we can deduce that the table should be selected according to our style of play. If we are tight, you should choose tables with an average high, so as to make our big the pot occasionally, but if we loose players, we can choose the tables with media players pre flop low to win the small pots uncontested.

Of course, the tables will have a short-handed Players Pre Flop lower than the full ring.

Time of day

Not all players play for money, some do it just for fun and it is precisely the latter that we always want players at the table with us. Usually the casual player works until 18:00, so if we want to maximize our profits, we should sit down at the tables after 19:00. Additionally, these people play poker after consuming a few drinks and, as we all know, alcohol worsens the quality of the game.