All the official rules of Texas Hold ‘Em in a simple step by step guide
To understand how to play Texas hold’em is necessary to learn all the basic rules of this game.
What we want to provide is a basic manual on the rules of Texas Hold em, starting from the distribution of the cards to the description of the different phases of the game and hands.
Small blind and big blind
The official rules of Texas Hold Em provides that before any cards are dealt the forced bets are placed.
The two players who are to the left of the dealer (the button) are required to make a fixed amount of chips. The first must make a bet predetermined amount, which is called the small blind, while the second will double it, placing what is called the big blind in the regulation of Texas Hold Em
This is to ensure a dish for which it makes sense to play all the competitors at the table. In the advanced stages of a tournament in addition to the blinds is introduced another forced bet for all participants, defined before.
Deal the cards
The dealer, who spins on each hand, two cards face down to each player at the table starting from the small blind.
These are the only two cards you receive each competitor and private papers, ie they should not be shown to others before you get to showdown.
The player who voluntarily show their cards other hand will be canceled, resulting in loss of chips wagered.
Once dealt cards will begin the first phase of the game called pre-flop. Each player, starting from the left of the big blind will have three choices: see (call), raise (raise) or fold (fold).
To call means simply cover the bet of the big blind, and raise means an amount of chips bet higher than before the flop amounts to a minimum amount equal to twice the big blind.
If a player raises and everyone else, including small and big blinds, this pass will win the pot and the hand is over.