The state of Schleswig Holstein has granted the first licenses to legalize online gambling in Germany, online game which includes not only the casino but also the poker!

Currently, there are 12 major companies that have obtained licenses to operate in the country German, online gaming, among which we find Pokerstars, Ladbrokes, 888, and so on Mybet saying. This decision was made in May, and today after several months became a reality. The law protects the players and their privacy.

Playing in online casinos or poker rooms that do not have licenses, in addition to being illegal is also risky for their privacy and their own funds. Many times players were robbed of their money without being able to claim. At a poker room or casino legalized similar situations do not occur, and for any problem, the player can claim as playing in a room or portal registered and approved by the state. Until recently, you can play online in germany without facing fines or problems with the law, it was only a dream today, all this becomes reality! It took seven months to grant the first licenses, but as the saying goes, better late than never, is not it?

If you live in Germany or German players, you can stop playing online elsewhere, because Pokerstars and 11 other giants, will enable different types of games within the first months of 2013, thanks to the new licenses were granted and approved. What do you think? We are curious to know what you, so please leave a comment. Personally I am more than fair that a country like Germany has this possibility, in ITALY, approvals and licenses are granted slowly, Germany nuff said, on with the facts!