Today we at pokerbandits we are pleased to share with you dear readers a fantastic initiative that the popular online casino 888 has prepared for all of his players.

As you all know, the High Roller Bonus in Online Casino are quite common, I think those promotions for high rollers, for those who carry large sums of money bet in the various games available on the platform. Bonuses are usually separated from the others because their offerings support those who spend money hand over fist to play and bet.

Players are divided into players on Sunday, fans, employees from gambling. Among the high roller bonus casino currently pay in Italian there is one in particular that struck us and we decided to share with you a bonus offered by 888 Casino, but what is it? Let’s find out together.

The initiative is valid for a limited time, is linked to the online game The Money Drop ‘Gameshow Endemol, currently airing on Channel 5. After the bonus of $ 1 million up for grabs a few days ago and won by one lucky Turin, comes a new bonus valid until 25 of the current month. By visiting the official website of 888 Casino to get the bonus, simply make a minimum deposit of $ 300 and earn 80 to 300 euros. The deposit can be made at any time, the important thing is that it is done in the timeframe established by the initiative, ie from today to March 25, 2012.

As we mentioned earlier, to take advantage of this bonus, you will not have to restrict yourself to only deposit a substantial sum of money but also to play The Money Drop in real money. The lucky winners will be notified by email if you meet the age requirement.

What do you expect? Seize this great initiative, especially if you’re a hardcore gamers as it means they spend money at will, if you qualify you only have to participate, visit the official site for more details.