Are you an adept slots or poker gamer? Do you go to casinos regularly or just on your leisure time? Gambling in casinos have grown more and more popular nowadays, especially in Canada and it has been treated as a form of leisure activity where on one hand, a huge percent relies on luck and only a portion on skill, while on the other hand, profit is never guaranteed. It has been accepted and legalized by many countries world-wide and is being regulated in the form of casinos as businesses. In America, gambling in the form of casino businesses contributes to a significant portion of the country?s Gross Domestic Product or GDP. Though not all of the states in America legalize gambling, there exists a single city in the country that heavily relies on casinos and other entertainment establishments as tourist attractions ? this is the city of Las Vegas, Nevada.


For people who find Las Vegas too far away, and may have a hard time getting there, the same Las Vegas gambling experience may be experienced in online gambling games you can find on the internet. Because of today?s technological advancements, virtual casinos are growing like mushrooms all over the internet. Like real casinos, these virtual ones use real money in the game and at the same time, cashes out real ones too. It offers similar pay-out percentages and odds as land-based casinos which means that your chances of winning and the amount of money you could win are similar to playing physically in the casinos. It also makes all the types of casino games available in land-based casinos like poker, keno, slots, and roulette, just to name a few. Unlike traditional ?brick-and-mortar? casinos, however, virtual casinos offer great deals of promotions and bonuses. One of which is the casino bonus. For many regular gamblers, this is very convenient since not many people have the time and convenience to actually go out and gamble.

What is a casino bonus? These bonuses are offered in order to attract potential gamers to their online gambling business and have them sign-up. Once you sign up, you will be given a certain casino bonus which is usually an extra credit of about 50%to 100% of your first deposit, depending on the business. At first glance it may seem promising, and in fact, this is true to most, however, there is a catch to this very attractive promise. New players will have to make a certain number of bets in any casino game before you can cash out your bonus and your earnings, or whatever that?s left of it. This sounds simple and reasonable enough, but if you are not cautious, you could lose all your bonus including your deposits before you could even make any withdrawal. Many expert online gamblers suggest making bets in the slots until you have achieved the minimum requirement of bets. This is because the slots, or similar games, allow you control the amount of money to bet so make sure you don?t spend more than your given casino bonus.