Online poker is one of the most popular activities in the world today, the internet giving a new lease of life to games that were once the province of dark, smoky casinos. Now, poker can be played anywhere and many choose to take part from the comfort of their own home. 

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The web has revolutionised so many areas of our daily life, whether you wish to shop, bank or play casino games online, and it is poker we concentrate on. Which countries and parts of the world have most embraced the new form of poker?


Poker is becoming huge across the whole of South America but leading this cultural change is Brazil. It has just hosted the football World Cup, it is just two years until it welcomes the Olympics to Rio, but, throughout all the other events going on in the country, poker is now as popular here as anywhere in the world.

There is a footballing influence to the success of poker in Brazil. The great Ronaldo is a strong advocate and his participation in the Brazilian Series of Poker attracted many others to give the games a try for the first time. There are many poker brands prominent in South and Latin America and the country boasts significant names, namely Marco Tozzatto, one of the best online players in the world and Caio Pessagno who is the former world number one.