Rub the lamp and enjoy a treasure trove of delights! 


Most everyone has at some point or another imagined how grand things would be if they had access a genie in a bottle. It is the stuff of fantasy for many of us, but some folks are now discovering that the proverbial genie in a bottle really does exist.

And it’s not some obscure parallel that people have drawn; it’s an actual game titled Millionaire Genie. Imagine the possibilities: an adventure to the exotic Canary Islands, Mauritius or the Seychelles, perhaps even a dream home in the south of France or the Algarve in Portugal. Such is the rich potential of certain opportunities that they certainly warrant a closer look.

So I decided to venture out into ladies territory – 888ladies to be precise. It is there that the all-new Millionaire Genie game resides. Partially hidden amongst an exciting collection of other exciting games, the little blue genie is easily spotted. What makes this game – and the possibilities it brings with it – so appealing is that it produces massive winners – time and again.

More UK Winners Wanted for this Slots Game

Norm from the UK won £2,400,000 playing Millionaire Genie just recently. Many players were simply gobsmacked to learn that such an incredible payday had been won on such a player friendly game. Such was the euphoria surrounding the win that the CEO of himself – Brian Mattingley – and the VIP Event Coordinator Grainne Underwood presented Norm with his massive cheque.

Naturally Norm celebrated with his family, and it’s stunning to discover that he is not even a big fan of casino games at all. He deposited his first £100 and hit a multi-million pound jackpot instantly. It is expected that Norm will spend some of his newfound wealth on Christmas gifts, birthday surprises and baby hampers for his grandchildren.

The Genie Shows His Face

For folks who are naturally a little curious about the game, it’s a 5 reel, 15 payline slots game. The genie can be seen hovering above his treasure chest off to the side of the screen. The game certainly creates an ambience of expectation and mystery – much like one would expect from a treasure-laden adventure.

A big part of the appeal of this game rests in the many fascinating symbols, images and features of the game. There are amulets, keys, magical lamps and mysterious symbols to guide you towards winning combinations.

Sure it requires a little imagination and creative flair, but with real winning possibilities it may be a good idea to make a wish list before you start playing this enticing slots game from 888ladies.

A little magical lamp residue must have spilled over because apparently you can get a £25 welcome bonus when you make a deposit of just £10 at 888ladies…