Today, we at pokerbandits, we want to talk about Tiltbook, a new social network, aimed at poker players, which can from now on contact and play with other players around the globe.

Currently boasts 6,000 members and players and unlike social sites like Facebook and Twitter, you can share your results, thoughts, opinions and tips on poker without the risk of being considered gamblers. Every day the team that created the social network, makes available to its users and players the chance to win real money.

The current promotion offers the chance to win prizes of substantial, posting a status on the poker that is a photo, typing or any other type of content. The status more attractive Win up to $ 5 for use in cash games or games. Tiltbook, offers weekly freerolls to all users who have at least the rank 1. The prize freeroll stood at 50 euro and 300 euro for those Sunday for those special. Every Wednesday, you can attend a session of play with or against a PRO. Last but certainly not least important characteristic, lies in a function that allows users to create and manage groups, thus offering the players a chance to create a personal community.

Tiltbook has everything a poker player could want.

  • Meet, know and challenge many poker players from all over the world
  • Post status related to poker (images, video, text)
  • Participate in weekly freerolls and special prizes awarded substantial
  • Play with or against the best poker players
  • Create a personal community and invite all your friends

All this is possible only on Tiltbook, the social network for poker players. What are you waiting for? More than 6,000 users have registered!