Today, we at pokerbandits, we want to tell you about a colossal fraud occurred within the Australian Crown Casino, known for the Aussie Millions.

The swindlers, thieves, swindlers or whatever you want to call them, have succeeded in pocketing $ 32 million. According revealed by the Herald Sun, the victim was a frequent visitor to the casino, and was known for the heavy losses suffered during the Hight Stakes.

The evildoers with an accomplice of the surveillance department, managed to infiltrate the security system and using a technological device were able to monitor not only the public but also eree the cards in play. At the table where there was pain happened or rather the chicken plucking, there was also an accomplice using the advice of his friends, he succeeded in only 8 hands to clean the turkey.

The gambler sitting at the table has been banned for life from the casino, and the staff member, complicit in the scam undergo immediate dismissal. No jail and a fine for allegedly swindlers. The employees believe that a ban and dismissal are sufficient.

Here is what he said a member of the famous Steffi Casino, on this story:

Investigations are underway and there is a good chance of being able to recover a large part of the amount withdrawn from the pain occurred during this scam.

A shot with bows and ribbons against a pity, however, that to pay the costs, has been the victim or the loser better known as chicken of High Stakes. When organizing a scam, the first thing to do is find a chicken plucking, then hire accomplices and implement the diabolical plan.

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