Today’s news has raised a big fuss over the network, it seems that Caesars Entertainment, who plans to sell not only the well-known Casino Rio All Suites Hotel but also the brand of the World Series of Poker at Pokerstars.

With this economic crisis, there are people willing to sell also the mother-in-law and companies like Caesars ready to give a brand known as the World Series of Poker, the poker room more powerful, rich and famous of the network and reality, or Pokerstars, the pike red . According to market data, it seems that in 2012, Caesars has registered a debt of more than $ 241 million.

Eric Hollreiser, Head of Corporate Communications for PokerStars has released the following statement:

Caesars Entertainment has asked us to Pokerstars to purchase both the RIO Casino in Las Vegas and the WSOP brand. We refused because we are not going to buy another casino. We are currently trying to close a deal very important to buy the ‘Atlantic City Hilton Casino Resort in New Jersey.

Recently, online poker was legalized in New Jersey, why Pokerstars decided to take the opportunity to fly, buying the casino for $ 50 million. That Pokerstars is not interested in the Casino is justified as a choice, but has denied the well-known brand is a risky choice is not it?

Members or better boss pokerstars are not stupid, before squandering millions and millions of dollars, we think of but not 2 million times. The fact is that Caesars is left with a casino and brand and millions of dollars in debt. The desperate attempt to get out of this bad situation seeing everything, even his pride of the city of sin that is Las Vegas, it is not successful.

What will become of Caesars Entertainment in 2013?