Earlier today, we received the news of the death of Jerry Buss, owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, and poker player very active. I like the competitiveness of poker. Once you get to a certain age, there are few sports where you can compete, confront their opponents. And I like to compete every day of my life. “

This is a note of his statement. Jerry Buss, was the owner of the famous Lost Angeles Lakers. Decide to buy the whole team for a value of $ 67 million in 1979. Currently the team has a value of 1 billion. To have made famous Jerry, it’s not just his sporting career in basketball but also in poker.

He has participated in numerous events of high cash games with blinds including High Stakes Poker and Poker After Dark, not to mention the third place in the World Series of Poker in 1991. Jerry was not just a poker player but also a philanthropist. He donated millions of dollars to charity to help young graduates. As we mentioned earlier, died of cancer which was struggling with for years.

All poker pros like Phil Hellmuth, JC Tran, Victor Ramdin, Allen Bari, the screenwriter of The Simpsons Sam Simon and Jean-Robert Bellande left farewell messages on his Twitter profile. Unfortunately, when you are fighting against an evil such as cancer, there is very little to do and sooner or later we must resign ourselves to leave this world to begin an eternal life in the kingdom of heaven or eternal death nell’adeas. This life is just passing by and everyone sooner or later has to go. We also want to be healthy and Jerry Buss give his family our deepest condolences for the incident.