One of the best poker room in Italian, has decided to offer a bonus completely free to its users and players, € 10 bonus with no deposit required.

If you still do not understand it, we are talking about TitanBet, known for its reliability, service, and quality of the software available to all players. All those who make signing up for Titanbet, will benefit immediately from € 10 to spend in one of the games.

In general for the bonus, you must deposit even small sums of money, but it is not the case with TitanBet. The available games are Sit & Go, MTT and cash € 10 game.Se not enough, you should know that with your first deposit you can receive 200% bonus up to € 1000! If you plan to make a deposit, make sure you have a good amount of money to spend on games to be eligible for 200% bonus!

More and more money you have deposited bonus to use! TitanBet is one of the best poker room on the net, thanks to concessions AAMS which as you know are important and mandatory to pursue that profession on the network. The famous authority AAMS, analyzes the poker room and if everything is in order, issues licenses, who has no such license may not engage in online gaming. Playing at Titanbet equivalent to deposit money in a safe! Online playing is fun, but the first thing you need to do is make sure that where you play is LEGAL! With Titanbet can sleep on 7 chips as they say. What do you think of these 2 great bonuses?

10 euro no deposit bonus after you sign up and 200% bonus up to € 1000 deposit! Not bad is not it? On the official website of Titanbet, you can read all the documentation on these initiatives as well as having info from various games, regulations and initiatives.