ALBA Cuneo, December 13, 2012, two Chinese 30 years old, living in Reggio Emilia, were arrested for fraud with slot machines, through an iPhone app.

The manager of the bar, it immediately became suspicious after the Chinese have won 500 euro in a few minutes, so far what’s wrong? A lucky hand? The thing that has increased the suspicions of the manager of the bar, is the attitude of the series “I already knew to overcome them.” As it turned out, the payouts on the slot machines it was not luck but of fraud.

The police stopped the two Chinese, as they walked from their car. Seized their iPhone, where inside them were installed the app can interfere with the slot machines to the point of sending them into a tailspin. The app allowed them to empty the slot machines winning all the time.

In the hotel room of two swindlers were seized counterfeit notes, a stolen credit card and a safe with 8 000 euro bills in small denominations! The Chinese authorities must respond to the detention of counterfeit banknotes, electronic fraud, receiving stolen property and other charges. How does the software on the iPhone do not know, one thing is certain, it works and empty slots are clear evidence.

This shows that not only the winners can take home large sums of money but also the swindlers, slot machines have weaknesses and the Chinese were able to identify them. What do you think of this story? On the web there are many sites like slotonlinegratis that offer slot games flash to play without paying. To you the comments and personal considerations.