To celebrate the first year of life, TitanBet Poker has decided to give everyone who registers, 15 euro bonus for immediate use without the obligation of filing.

All new users have the possibility to have 15 euro free on your accont, money divided as follows:

€ 5 in Bonus Cash Poker
€ 5 in Tokens Poker
€ 5 in Fun Casino Bonus
Another interesting promotion, present on this poker room is that you can get up to 1000 euro free with deposit bonus of 200%. Yes, you read that right, Titanbet offers 200% first deposit up to a total of € 1000! For example, if you deposit 20 Euros, you will receive 40 euro if it is deposited 500 €, 1000 € and so on are saying.

Below you will find the terms of this initiative:

1. This promotion is valid from 12/06/2012 until 13/12/2012.
2. To receive the bonus cash must have a valid game account.
3. The offer is divided into three parts:
A. € 5 bonus cash
B. € 5 funbonus casino
C. € 5 tokens for poker tournaments
4. € 5 cash bonus will be credited automatically once you open a player account is valid.
5. The cash bonus can be used to play poker or casino
6. The bonus becomes withdrawable cash only played once and then returned as winnings, in part or in its entirety.
7. Any fraudulent use of bonuses, including the time to reach its prelevabilità result in the immediate freezing of funds and gaming account.
8. € 5 funbonus casino will be credited automatically and can be used only in casino games of
9. The fun bonus can not be used to play games that offer progressive jackpots.
10. Please read the terms and conditions of the bonus fun.
11. € 5 tokens for poker tournaments: 3 x € 1 BUY-IN Tournaments – 1x 2 € BUY-IN Tournaments
12. Tokens from the total value of € 5 will be issued within 72 hours from the time of registration of the player.
13. Tokens can be used in any tournament that has a buy in of 1 or € 2.
14. The token can be used no later than 14 days from the date on which they were issued.
15. The dealer reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions of this promotion at any time, promptly and prior notice to its users.
16. The dealer reserves the right to inspect the transaction logs and logs at anytime, for any reason. If it appears from these records that the player or more players take part in fraudulent strategies that the dealer will, at its sole discretion, deems inappropriate, the operator reserves the right to suspend the operations of the player and in the manner provided the contract of gaming account.
17. Where not in conflict continue to apply the terms and conditions of the bonus.