Today, we received the news that Facebook, the popular social network, has officially entered the world of online gaming with the ability to play using real money!

The popular social network in collaboration with Gamesys Friendzy Bingo has launched, the first game that allows players to use real money. Players can deposit and withdraw real funds and not fake like a time. Then you can win real money! Do not you find it interesting?

Until recently, it was possible to play casino games on Facebook only with fake money to give players a way to have fun and learn the basics of each game. With Bingo Friendzy, available so far only in UK and obviously only for adults, you can play with real money in a totally safe.

The staff of Facebook, said that there is a control that will prevent access to the game to attract children, because it is prohibited by law. It starts with Bingo in the UK and then get to the future of poker in the rest of the world. Obviously this has been possible thanks to the approval of superiors.

As you know like when you create a poker room or want to propose a game with real money, you must receive permission from either the state or government so that it is both famous and body (in Italy is the AAMS). In this way it plays in full legality and security, which are 2 important factors to be taken lightly. Playing without security is to risk losing their funds without being able to get back and play in the unlawful means to have trouble with the law and is not the case for a game or two does not it?

Always play in a poker room or game legal and licensed!