On the Web there are numerous casinos, leaving models, variants, etc., are divided into 2 categories:

  • Casino with licenses
  • Casino swindlers

The first group includes all those locations online casino certified and approved by AAMS, which means playing with confidence and legality, the second group includes those casinos that offer attractive bonuses to attract the largest number of chickens and then fregarli great.

From this type of casino you are away, especially by the siren song of the series “You’re really good at Roulette, why not come to this casino? “This is just one example, never leave and never repeat it to attract a casino is not legalized, because besides being bad for you it is for your digital wallet.

For you because with a similar experience, you will have bad memories of the Casino, and for your wallet because you could lose everything to a scam or a very fine salt. Casino play is not legalized by AAMS is illegal, immoral, illegal, in short, is prohibited. Moreover, legalized casino from the famous institution, are secure, there is no risk of being ripped off, because if it did not revoke the license only AAMS but would close the casino not to mention the hefty fine for its founder and risk of imprisonment.

It’s not exaggerate, with online gambling, no joke! For this reason, for a quiet life as they say, we invite you to register and play exclusively in those famous casinos, legalized, safe and certified AAMS. The choice is yours, but then do not say that we have not warned!