There we are, you’re done! The famous poker room Full Tilt Poker has officially reopenedits doors! The site is back online again after 1 year from the Black Friday!

It seemed only yesterday when we write news on the acquisition, licensing and so on, saying the reopening of the poker room and now we can finally and with great honor to inform you that FTP is online! The news came to us directly from American forumTwoPlusTwo!

Obviously we at pokerbandits despite the official source is bringing us the news wewanted to check on the official website of the poker room you can find in the end item and we have seen with great pleasure that we actually came back online after 1 year oflegal problems.

The news aroused the delight of many online poker players, the servers are up and running again, hundreds of players have already signed, 4 tournaments are alreadyactive is also possible to download the client software. In the site you can find a photo of Lederer and Phil Ivey.

Apparently the group Tapie has wasted no time but moved behind the scenes as itmeans keeping the promise to open the poker room no later than the month of April.After licensing, purchasing officer, Full Tilt Poker is back operating and the months goback to the dawn.

And ’The time of causes, the time is over the legal troubles, is over the imprisonment of FTP, has finally reached the light at the end of a long tunnel about 1 year! You can access the poker room from the link below, Tapie group is still working to make FTP as a fulltime so do not expect to find bonuses and tournaments at will, but it is a beginning is not it?

Have fun by pokerbandits!