Pocket Kings Ltd, the Dublin-based company that works in marketing and customer service behind Full Tilt Poker, has published a series of job offers on an Irish website, jobs.ie. Apparently there are some gaps to fill in staff customer service especially in multilanguages.

“These roles are urgent, please send your CV as soon as possible to jump-start on success” reads an ad. “This area of ​​the business provides potential for rapid growth within our company, which is the support arm for Full Tilt Poker”.

It is starting to move? Apparently so, but these are roles that will be useful to any business structure should reopen. Whether you were to wake up the brand new Full Tilt is if some company were to detect only the structure, and reactivating the software throughout the business.

The ads go on and expect that these roles “after 2-3 months of the contract” may become permanent jobs, and all offer “an exciting opportunity to join a lively and energetic company,” write by Pocket Kings.

The vacancies are reserved for carers who speak German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Hungarian and Romanian. There are other ads always close to the customer service roles.

Some important conclusions can be drawn. However, the jobs require a reactivation of a company. And the customer service requires the revitalization of business with customers. Meanwhile Tapie of it are lost even the traces. The days pass, the promises are not kept and in a few days this story is one year.