New opportunities for the online gaming market and important scenarios for the poker industry with new social and mobile platforms. It is the figure that emerges Observatory Online Game of the Polytechnic of Milan, which shows the growth from January 2012.
The main players in the online gaming market is increasingly attracted to social networks, mobile and live poker game: these are resources to expand the supply of food and games for users of the online gaming business substantially, now arrived at a relative maturity and stability.
Online Game Observatory reveal a growing social scene: 92 fanpage on Facebook and Twitter profiles 37 active. The dealers through social platforms promote their products, the community and offer support services online. Social networks are therefore an important channel of promotion, engagement, and personal assistance for online poker: Facebook and Twitter become tools of listening and dialogue is always the most direct and widespread.
In the mobile gaming industry, however, in 2011 the supply has grown by 100%: users are increasingly active on smartphones and tablet, and the mobile channel is experiencing a phase of evolution and development, as confirmed by Barbara Beltrami by Poker Star. “The cabinet fits perfectly with the cash game. Italy has pioneered this app and the results are beyond expectations. Many downloads and a great new level of traffic and not removed from the traditional collection and this is an important signal” .