The online game industry is evolving, now we want to tell you about the new regulations contain a series of measures designed to combat criminal infiltration, considered by many to be a thorn in the side.

Speaking of concessions, they will not be given on behalf of the members of which are legal constraints to the third degree of kinship to people convicted of a crime relating to money laundering, in other words, if your cousin or brother commits a crime, even there you go half and then you can not receive the concessions.

Those who demand concessions must submit a report to the third degree of kinship in order to check whether there are legal problems with one of the members of his family. In addition to these measures to combat crime, the law called “Tax on Fortune” has been officially approved, which means that 6% of all winnings in excess of 500 € on Scratch, Super Enalotto so on and so must be paid.

Another rule that was because of discussions about the introduction of agents provocateurs who aim to verify the conditions of access to the platforms and god forbid minors to play online and those who run the poker room or online casino respected Regulation, after the withdrawal of licenses granted. Speaking is rather technical, the Administration will be forced to seek the opinion of the Council of State as regards capital requirements following calls, competitions and so on forth.