Good news for all players of Italian Poker Online, today we received the news that the tax imposed on Online Poker has recently been abolished.
The Government is working in the mountains so as to breathe the coffers of the state as itmeans increased tax revenues in many areas, until recently it was a planned tax reformalso regarding online poker. The Budget Committees and Constitutional Affairs hasdecided not to approve the draft presented by the government.

Another measure that the government wanted to implement was to fine output up to 10 times that amount player who played on an illegal site then no licenses granted by the renowned authority AAMS. Moral of the story for now the situation remains as is, no fine,no tax on Online Poker.

This news does breathe a sigh of relief to all poker players or at least for now, but in futurethere could be bad news on this story, but for now there is no need to throw mudunnecessarily as it means , please have your say on this story through the comments.Your comments is most important for us so please share it below, just write a few word about this situation.