We finally, after numerous problems, delays and more, the cash game final destination in Italy from July 18, 2011, when it will begin the first legalized gambling.

“Since the signing should take place, pursuant to art. 2, paragraph 2, Article. 3, paragraph 2, of the said Decree of within 120 days from March 9 last, the day or by July 6, 2011, the start of the collection, consistent with the provisions of paragraph 5 of the above modes of operation for the submission of applications, can be enabled from Monday, July 18, 2011 (third Monday of each month) and, subsequently, every first and third Monday of the month for authorization procedures for new platforms and games concluded within that time. “

Please note that those who do not have the license will be punished according to law by closing the poker room or activity and very fine but very salty. So before giving way to the cash games as well as other casino games, make sure you have everything in order. It took years, but finally even the Italian people will make you play even if buy-in much, much lower than those of other European countries.