The burraco is a game born in Venezuela, to play you need two decks of cards French 54 cards (52 +2 basic wildcard) and then a total of 108 cards.

The number of players ranges from 2 to 4, the player who is on the right of the dealer called dealer smezza the deck, half will be placed upside down over the other. Are extracted from the deck halved two stacks of 11 cards each, the two bunches are arranged one above the other, the remaining cards will be covered, as regards the cards on the table are those defined by fishing cards.

The dealer must distribute to each player clockwise one card at a time for a total of 11 cards that will form the entire hand played, each round can fish from the deck located at the center of the table or collecting scrap.

Each time a round is completed, each player must discard a card, there are several valid combinations:

3 suited cards to form a scale or 3 cards of the same value in any one suit. There are different rules that must be met:

is not possible to form combinations with more than 3 joker
The joker can only be moved within the same combination
You can not discard the same card in the same turn that it was caught between the waste

The goal is to reach the target score early in the game, to do it or just create the largest number of possible combinations or try to close as soon as possible in order to get a bonus that doubles your score, just for closure follow the following rules:

• Running out of cards in your hand
• Create a valid combination of at least 7 cards.
• Stay for a second time with no cards in hand and discard the only card left

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