Caribbean Stud Poker is a variant of the world most famous being present in almost all casinos with table plan. The main feature of this game is that participants play against the dealer and not against each other as is usually done in other poker variants. Another feature that differentiates it is the chance to win a jackpot that increases according to the player's bet.

In the game using 52 cards, when the bank allows the participants to make the Ante bet that the game begins, the player who wants to participate in Jckpot must pay an additional sum in the space of the table in casinos across Europe the cost is usually 1 €.  Once you made the bet, the dealer deals five cards clockwise to each player and five cards to the bench with the last discovery. The dealer at this point to be allowed to collect the cards from the players who must decide whether they want to continue playing or fold.

The player who decides to continue playing down his cards in the space that is reserved for the sequel and make a raise or a raise. Those who left the party must lodge the papers still cover next to the original bet. Once players have made their choice, the dealer discovered the remaining four cards of the dealer. If the dealer does not have a high hand or the high hand (ace or king), the dealer announces, “Nothing in my hand.” In this case, the players who have made the revival will be paid an amount equal to once their initial bet.

If the dealer has a high hand, it is compared with the hand of each player.