Roulette is a game of chance commonly known was born in Italy and the swivel, was introduced in France around the eighteenth century.

Roulette is a kind of disk is divided into 37 sectors for the Italian version and 38 for the American, from 0 to 36 and colored in red and black while the alternative zero and double zero are green or white. The disc is rotated by the dealer who then throws a ball ivory resin in the past now.

The ball is rotated in the opposite direction as the wheel turns and stopping is one of the areas falling numbers determine the winner, who has bet a large sum of money on that number. The expressions used in this game from the roulette wheel and the one who throws the ball are as follows:

(“Gentlemen, play your game!”)
(“The games are made, the bets are closed.”)
(“The winning number is …”)

There are three types of table games:

Roulette French classic table with numbers ranging from 0 to 36, the most common type of game that differs from the other two and if the output of the number 0, the betting on chance are imprisoned and then released if a number of the chance earlier episode is released from custody and will be used for a new episode that can be a winner or loser.

British Roulette: similar to the French but without the technique described precdentemente en prison. In table 3 are the dealers and French on English and American one.

American Roulette: The biggest difference is the presence of a new area or the double zero (00), also green, as in roulette English there is no rule of EN prison.

There are different types of bets:

* Plein, individual numbers that can win 35 times the amount bet
* Cheval, horses, or pairs of numbers that can win 17 times the amount bet
* Transversal Pleine, triplets that can win 11 times the amount bet
* Carre, quatrains in which, in case of victory that allows you to win eight times the amount bet
* Simple Transversal, sextuplets in which it can win 5 times the amount bet
* Douzaine, dozens and columns, columns that allow only win 2 times the amount bet.

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