Pai Gow is a poker variant that unlike the latter present a series of differences we want to talk. In the online version, the player only challenge the dealer. In most variants of poker, you can challenge other players in Paigow but only the dealer can be challenged.

The rules are very simple, the dealer deals the player seven cards which must be divided in two hands, one 5-card and the other two. The hand from two cards must be less than 5, the player to win the battle with the dealer should have both hands winning.

If the player beats the dealer with one hand gets the push and nobody wins, but if the player has the same value of both hands against the dealer is defeated. Pai Gow is not present in all online casinos to play Pai Gow must find the word in the major search engines. In most sites that offer the ability to play online there are tutorials that help the player to enter the world of this variant. Pai Gow can be played without money in order to be able to practice and learn the rules.

In summary:

- The difference with the classic poker is that players can not compete against the dealer only
– The game is divided in two hands in a 5 and the other by 2
– The second hand must have a value lower than the 5
– If only one hand beats the dealer that you go in a draw
– If both hands have the same value than the dealer, you will be defeated
– The goal is to have both hands with values higher than the dealer

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