Baccarat is a very simple game, there are decisions to be taken or options which require time and skill for the player to the dealer.
Players can sit on any seat, their position will not affect in any way the performance of the game, every seat is a number ranging from 1 to 15, three are the dealers for each table, the dealer principal is located between positions 1 and 15 and is known caller. The game begins with the distribution of the cards from the deck door, each player has an obligation to deliver and keep the deck of cards for a turn.

The player must place your bet will be the one who owns the deck, this procedure is not mandatory, in fact, there is the possibility of allowing the player to bet the deck adjacent to the door, when the caller or commonly called the dealer receives the player's cards places them in one of the boxes with the ability to recover from the cards that other players will be added to those already present in the boxes or declare the winner in accordance with the rules.

Players can bet by placing them in the box numbered fisches they face, the bets must be made on the player or the bench, the minimum required for the bet is $ 20 up to a maximum of $ 2,000. The other two callers come into play at this time paying win bets and collecting money from players defeated. If the dealer wins, then the players who won must pay about 5% of their winnings, so if a player made a bet of $ 100 will pay about $ 5.

From paper to 9 ace, play an increasing value, depending on the figure that represents it, whereas for the 10 and the figures are zero. So unlike many other games, have the king, queen or jack equivalent to having zero cards in hand.