Las Vegas, the gambling town par excellence, is in decline recently due to lack of cash in High Stakes Game, which is why many poker players are forced to seek their fortune elsewhere.

The online is becoming more and more each day attended by many players like the Chinese and Casino in Macau, Asian businessmen are considered fundamental, just look at the movement that has been created in recent days at the Crown Casino in Melborune.

Doyle Brunson has warned a few weeks ago, saying in one of his post that he’s going to leave Las Vegas to try his luck in California where he still plays with consistency. Ivery has sided with Philip Brunson saying that now the movement is in Las Vegas fell significantly in previous years.

Ivey said as up to five years ago there were high stakes games almost every day of the week, but today there are only 2 games per week at best. That the economic crisis is also affecting the city of gambling, but there was no doubt this is a smoking gun.