The appointment with the Cash Game Poker Festival after the Champion of Italy took place in January 2012. Again there is a partnership between the Casino and Pagan Events.

The event will be staged March 10 to 20, 2012, from 14:00 to 03:00 in the morning with the ability to select multiple tables of players available cash.A there are different levels of play: 1-2/2-4 / until you get to 5-5 and 20-40 with 5-10/10-20 buyin about € 0.83

The organization will consist of sessions of Pop Limit Omaha with a range of different levels and discounts for guests who will reside at the hotel and casino for players who spend at least 7 hours every day at the cash tables with limits from 5 to 10. At the conclusion of the Festival will be held on Grand Final of Season March 22 to 26 and follow the EPT Champion 26 to 31 March 2012.

When we have got more information about this event we will share it with us. Apparently the month of March is a month full of events regarding the live cash games. We pokerprofblog follow the various events and inform you about all the changes and new to this, please follow us and release your own suggestions via comment, after all, your opinion is very important not only for us but also the entire community