Winga, is pleased to announce to all its players, starting today, there are new classifications for a prize of an amount equal to 16,500 €!

Playing in tournaments scheduled or Sit & Go, you can accumulate points that you will need to get a good ranking, below we present the main classification of this month with details.

MTT Monthly charts:

2.500e poker bonus per month! In ranking the top 30 players who will have the best resultswithin a month. The marks obtained in tournaments and other events will be added to that achieved in the past events. The points can be obtained from 9 am to 9 pm.

Rank weekly Sit & Go:

Winga makes available to its users, a prize of 4,000 euros prize! In the standings enteringthe top 20 players that have earned the best score in the various events.

Cash Game Weekly Ranking:

Levels of play from $ 10,000 to be won per month, depending on the buy-in. Every penny that is paid during the events, gives players 1 point in the standings. Scores are assigned by midnight Monday to Sunday.

That said, I hope you enjoy, many wins and please stay tuned for all the other news.