The Italian Rounders Poker Tour, an event of this 2010 Italian Poker has just started and will end on Sunday.

This major event is the first step co-hosted with Pokerclub by Lottomatica, will take place in one of the most beautiful casino at the national level to champion of Italy. In this edition you will find many new features including increasing stack of 20,000 chips, which will be the level and duration (45 minutes)
While for the registration fee remains inviarata percu the cost is 1.100 euros. At each stage dell’IRPT will be awarded points which will accrue to to get a final ranking with a lot of winners.Among the many poker players will find new members of the Italian ‘Italian Rounders Poker Team or Pamela Camassa and Philip Bisceglia.

Here is the schedule of various events:

Thursday, February 18 NL Hold’em 16 hours 300 + 30
Friday, February 19 NL Hold’em 16 hours 1000 + 100 Main Even
Friday, February 19th at 16.30 ‘The Magnificent 8′ National Semifinal
Saturday, February 20 NL Hold’em 16 hours 500 + 50
Sunday, February 21 15:00 Mixed Hold’em Event + 300 +30 PL Omaha
Sunday, February 21 15.30 NL Hold’em 200 + 20