The Omaha Hold’Em is very similiar to the Texas Hold’Em. Some differences can be found in the hand ranks and in the way the player can combine cards to make a winning hand. It’s known also as Omaha, and it is a community card game just like the Texas Hold’Em. The origin of the name is unknown, but the “O” in “Omaha” is the “O” in the “H.O.R.S.E.” (another form of poker played in casinos that include five different type of poker card games).

If you already played Texas Hold’Em, it wouldn’t be difficoult to learn how to play Omaha. At the beginning, every players will receive four cards (unlike the two in the Texas Hold’em). In the hand ranks, there are possibilities to have multiple points with different combinations.

The most important  difference is in the hand ranks: a player MUST combine two of the cards he owns with three cards on the board to have a winning hand. For example, a flush can only be done if the player have two spade cards and there are other three of the same seed on the board.

For the rest, the Omaha Hold’Em is played just like the Texas one. There’s a small blind and a big blind. Players can bet, raise or fold and it’s played clockwise. It’s a nice variations of the classic Hold’em and can be very competitive.