The “Three Card Brag” is a British gambling card game from  16th century. It is very popular in India and Nepal. There, it’s known as “Flush” or “Teen Pattii” (literally “Three Cards“, from Hindi), and it’s played with just some minor variants. Playing “Three Card Brag” it’s not so different than playing standard poker; the only differences are in the hand ranks and betting styles.

Three Card Brag, as you may had noticed from its name, is played with three cards. There are some variations of this game such as Four Card Brag, Seven Card Brag, Thirteen Card Brag etc.

The hand ranks are quite simple and very similiar to the poker’s one:

  • Prial (Pair Royal): Three cards of a kind. The best Prial is the 333 followed by AAA, KKK and so on.
  • Running Flush:  Straight flush. Best hand is 32A.
  • Run: Straight. Best hand as in the Running Flush.
  • Flush: Three cards of a same color.
  • Pair: Two cards of a kind.
  • High Card

Prial and Running Flush are extremely rare, but they can happen, especially in game’s variations that allows more than three cards per player. Also, unlike in standard poker, a Run beats a Flush.

Rules aren’t difficult to learn. At the beginning of each hand, every player antes. Player have only two options: bet or fold.  A player must bet always the same (or a bigger value) than the previous bet. The betting goes on till there are only two players left. Then, one of them could double his bet to “see” the other. If happens to be a tie, the player who is seeing loses.

One player could also decide to bet blindly (betting without seeing his cards). If this happens, all of his costs will be halved; also, normal players, can’t “see” him. If all other players fold, they’ll have to re-ante and the “blind player” can take his previous hand in the new “game“. Then, at any time, he can choose to keep or throw away one of his two hands, looking at only one of them. If he decide to keep the one he’s looking, he must throw away the other and he will be blind no more. Otherwise he throws away the first, keep the other and stays blind. But, if happens another “general fold” , the blind player should then throw one hand without having the possibility to look at it.

Curiosity: “Shuffling cards is rarely used in Three Card Brag, unless the previous hand is won by a Prial. Otherwise, the cards are just inserted at the bottom of the deck“.