A recent psychological study conducted by the University of Bath, women are more attracted to social networks than men from online poker, nothing more true!

Let’s face it, how many women go on Facebook to play various games, browsing the message boards of others and wasting time? And ‘even to that there are women who use social work for, to spread their wares. According to the research, found that men are more attracted to gaming, betting and so on forth.

Women like shopping, long trips, meet people certainly do not play poker online, this is what says the university who led the study, taking 500 first-year students as a reference, from a total of 6 different institutions, taking into account analyzes done 10 years ago!

Apparently with the advent of social networks has been reduced even further the number of women who go on the web to play poker or other casino games. Another interesting figure that emerged was that the average age of students who start using the Web is 11 years with 3 hours a day of sailing (minimum)! If your company there are a large number of female poker players also PRO, on the network are much more women who waste time on Facebook!

Do not know about you but in my friends list the majority of women use facebook to write only abated on the bulletin board, post your own photos of the trip, grooming Boards others or to play social games that really do not stand and they forgot the information! This is not to say that women should play poker for charity, but knowing that in addition to social networks there are other things, the network is not just to get the facebook the other so to speak!