During the poker game there are many factors to be studied and taken into account and one of them is just getting to know the enemy and his emotions. Here there are some tips on how to recognize if an opponent has a good hand or not.
Feign disinterest in the hand

These areas are related should not be underestimated, wrapped the more experienced players do not pretend to be interested in the hand but when you start guide in the fourth with a good hand that surprised everyone, and that allows him to win the pot.

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Trembling hands
Take care good for the quivering hands of players, if that happens while someone lays the fish are shaking hands is most likely due to the fact that it is attempting to play a hand that is very risky and dangerous percu if you have a good hand, do not hesitate to play it.

Faster breathing
Some people manage to keep his hands still but for the heartbeat, there is no remedy, when the chest of your opponent begins to increase intensity of movement means that you are facing a strong hand percu Avoid playing if you do not want to lose unless you have a winning hand.

Between puffs and sighs

Wrapped in puff may be a sign of a scam, if someone happens to a good hand can make others believe that he was unlucky with the gestures of the face of the kind that hassle, do not be fooled because it may surprise you.

Eye on opponents
If one of your opponents will not let yourself be intimidated fixed, because for most of the time have any cards in hand that can be easily overcome.

Hold your breath

This feature is typical of beginners tend to hold their breath while bluffing, learn to recognize the rookies from this attitude could be very beneficial.