After analyzing the different strategies of poker in which the hands at risk, learn to floda and so on is the time to analyze the best openings of Texas Holdem Poker.

Here are a list of possible opening with lots of advice and description:

1. A-A
[American Airlines, Pocket Rockets]

The best hand of Hold’em, you have to go so quietly, without causing the opponent to understand your condition, do not smile much less try to hide the emotions of the eyes

2. K-K
[The Cowboys, King Kong]

This hand can be defeated only by American Airlines. Having this winning hand can be seen that only one hand is able to defeat it.

3. Q-Q
[Ladies, W **** s]

Although not one of the first 2 hands can still be beneficial to have this hand having a good percentage of winning.

4. A-K
[Anna Kournikova]

Even if a hand with great potential, risks being wiped out unless you have a favorable flop. If the two cards in hand are not of the same suit on the table and if that does not help you at least make up a ladder or a couple, do not continue to play you could lose everything.

5. J-J
[Fishooks (fish hooks)]

JJ If you still have a good chance of winning, of course it all depends on the flop, if you’re not sure do not try to win because your opponent might have a hand more powerful than yours.

6. A-Q
[Big Chick]

If you have the 2 cards of same suit starts the game with a 20% chance of winning the tour. It is not good but not even that bad.

7. K-Q

Unless you get an ace on the table, if you have 2 suited cards you have good chances of winning.

8. A-J

This hand is quite complex and should never be underestimated, learn to read the cards could be beneficial and will help you not to make ugly figures.

9. K-J

The strength in this hand is based on your position at the table. Please note that with this hand you may lose all, if you’re the last and not have to waste so you can groped otherwise leave the start.

10. A-T

Ace and Ten a good hand if you’re lucky enough to appear on the table cards that will help you win the game otherwise abandoned because defeat is assured.