Goldbet announced it has entered into an agreement with Italian Alessio Isaia, poker player, which debuted last World Poker Tour in Prague.

Unfortunately, it was a debut with a bang, Isaiah was eliminated during the tournament was during the Day1. How do you mean, the bad times happen to everyone, even a Pro Pokerdoes not let himself be discouraged, but went on having numerous successes in the firstplace at the WPT early 2011, during the WPT Venice has managed to bring home a sum of 380,000 euros.

Perhaps for these successes Goldbet ECIS HAD to give him a chance or maybe he sawthe potential within themselves that can be exploited, I do not know, but one thing is for sure the agreement is successful.

Alessio Isaia from now joins the team where Goldbet Pro joins the likes of AlfonsoAmendola, Frederick Cipollini, Walter Salvatore Castorina Treccarichi, MarcelloMarigliano, Fausto Cheli,
Armando Graziano, Daniel Mazza and Antonio Failla.